We at Ek Pahel believe that the growth of an individual, family and that of a society can be brought about by Education, Enrichment and Empowerment of the underprivileged. Ek Pahel synergizes its efforts to build and strengthen the three pillars by focusing on the following objectives:

  • Impart quality education to underprivileged children and women
  • Provide better healthcare facilities to underprivileged children and women
  • Generate awareness about various social malpractices such as child labour, child trafficking, gender discrimination, domestic violence amongst the masses
  • Focus on skill development of underprivileged children
  • Financially and socially empower women of marginalized sections of the society
  • Encourage social entrepreneurship through young people and women
  • Protect and promote Indian culture and heritage
  • Meet the blood requirement of blood banks by organizing blood donation camps and ensure the blood reaches to poor and needy

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