The size of a family directly impacts its financial condition and consequently the overall well being of the children, women, families and communities at large. Therefore, to ensure a better life to children and women, we initiated the project 'Niyojit Parivar - Khushaal Aangan'.

Activities Covered under the Project:

  • Sensitize poor families about the alarming need of small families
  • Family planning counseling sessions by specialists
  • Sponsor voluntary sterilization and tubectomy in association with eminent hospitals

Future Directions:

  • Increase awareness on family planning methods and safer sexual behaviour through promotion of condoms for dual protection (prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections including HIV) amongst poor families
  • Sponsor higher number of voluntary sterilization and tubectomy operations
  • Equip poor couples with contraceptive methods/tools to prevent unintended pregnancies, maternal and infant deaths and enable women to limit births to their healthiest childbearing years

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