Ek Pahel plays a pivotal role as an enabler in capacity building, community mobilisation and building network and alliance to influence people for the welfare of society.

Capacity Building

Ek Pahel strengthens skills and develops competencies of children at Ek Pahel Pathshala through formal education and skill development classes. Ek Pahel also focus on capacity building of poor and needy women at grassroots level by equipping them with resources needed to do their jobs competently or to a greater capacity so they can potentially overcome the causes of their suffering.

Community Mobilisation

We believe that community mobilisation is the most effective long-term solution to the multiple causes of poverty, exploitation and abuse of children and women in India. In recent years, we have spearheaded a state-wide grassroots campaign in partnership with our supported NGOs that aim to:

  • Influencing all segments of society for protection of child and women rights through sensitization on these issues and persuade implementation of policies related to these issues.
  • Grassroots community mobilisation aimed at ensuring universal access to equitable education through implementation of rights from right to education to right to information.
  • Achieve universal access to healthcare, livelihoods combining direct action and community mobilization.

Networking and Alliance building:

Ek Pahel associates with other organizations and NGOs to facilitate the transfer of learning, build solidarity between partner organisations to bring about sustainable positive impact in the situation of children and women in India. Through supporting networks, we provide a platform for partners to meet, share and learn from each other’s experiences. This enables the strengthening of field level initiatives. It also acts as a forum for perspective building on macro issues.

CFC currently reaches out to nearly one million privileged children in 900 schools spread across 417 districts of India, every year. In addition, their parents and teachers are also involved in the process. The programme has today reached out to each part of India with the exception of Lakshadweep.

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